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Regis Philbin had Wu-Tang Clan and RiFF RaFF on his TV sports show

on October 25, 2013, 12:55pm

riffraffphilbin Regis Philbin had Wu Tang Clan and RiFF RaFF on his TV sports show

After leaving Regis & Kelly, I had just assumed Regis Philbin finally retired with his wife Joy to sunny Miami Beach, where they could drink banana margaritas and laugh at Michael Strahan all day. But back in March, the ol’ Philbs returned to TV with the Fox Sports show Crowd Goes Wild, which features a panel of athletes and celebrities tackling the day’s biggest sporting news. As if seeing Philbin scream about touchdowns and LeBron James wasn’t entertaining enough, the host sat down with both RiFF RaFF and the Wu-Tang Clan on two recent episodes. In the immortal words of one sportscasting legend, “He’s on fire!”

For last Friday’s episode, Philbin had RiFF RaFF try his hand at entering the CGW Celebrity Hall of Fandom, which evaluates his worth as a sports fan with totally arbitrary standards. The outcome’s pointless, but what does matter is the television gold that ensues, which includes but is not limited to: 1) Philbin awkwardly screaming “You were made for Hollywood!”, 2) RaFF’s evaluation of Dwight Howard on the Rockets (“He can dunk/He can jump/He can still pump that Reebok Pump”), and 3) RaFF linking Sleepless in Seattle to the Seahawk’s success. Just watch it already.

On Tuesday, Philbin welcomed the Wu’s Raekwon and Ghostface Killah to the show. If it appeared he was unsure of RiFF RaFF, Philbin readily admitted his love of Shaolin’s finest, adding, “The truth is, when I really wanna let off some steam I get in my car, I turn on the 8-track and I put on a little Wu-Tang.” Clearly feeling the love, Rae and Ghost then gifted Philbin with a Wu shirt before deeming him “the new ODB.” Wu-Tang Killer Reg then talked competitiveness in music and the skill of Jerome Bettis before playing the matching game “That’s A Rap”. Let your heart fill with pure joy by watching below.

Oh, and they also took this photo, ’cause why not?

philbtang Regis Philbin had Wu Tang Clan and RiFF RaFF on his TV sports show