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Listen to Willis Earl Beal and Cat Power together on "Coming Through"

on August 27, 2013, 12:30pm

willis earl cat power

Earlier this month, Willis Earl Beal pledged either A) his undying love or B) outright concern for Lana Del Rey with the standalone single “Black Beauty”. Whether WEB and LDR will ever work it out remains unseen, but today the acousmatic sorcerer’s gotten himself a brand new partner in Chan Marshall, a.k.a. Cat Power, for “Coming Through”, the latest single off Beal’s new album Nobody knows. 

As has become his modus operandi, Beal takes schizophrenic rantings about uber heady topics (“Morality and virtue could easily hurt you so don’t pick a side just ride the tide there are no lies when your realize that truth will soon be coming through”) and makes them easily digestible in the warmth of a slow-moving soul ballad. But what makes the pill go down that much easier is the interaction between the old tour mates, their voices marrying together in splendid harmony and serving as the soul source of joy and love in this decidedly bitter number.

Beal’s sophomore release, Nobody knows. is due out September 10th via the XL Records imprint Hot Charity. For more sounds, be sure to listen to “Everything unwinds.” and “Too Dry To Cry”.