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Watch Portugal. The Man’s scandalous video for “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”

on April 22, 2013, 2:55pm

portugal600 Watch Portugal. The Mans scandalous video for “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”

Portugal. The Man find inspiration from Paris Hilton, E! Network, and half a dozen acid-tripping hippies in their new video for the Danger Mouse-produced “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”. Directed by Noel Paul & Stefan Moore, the visceral clip feels like half a dozen sex tapes and reality television shows vomited into a neon colored blanket and managed to come out looking appetizing. While it’s somewhat difficult to tell if it’s all ironic (it probably is), the joke’s on anyone who doesn’t find themselves intrigued. My only question is: Where in 1991 does someone find that blanket? C’mon.

Evil Friends is due out June 4th via Atlantic Records.