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Watch Ghost B.C.’s Not Safe For Life video for “Year Zero”

on March 25, 2013, 2:10pm


After scaring the hell out of us with their appearance on public access, Swedish metal lords Ghost B.C. return to more familiar grounds in the video for “Year Zero”. A coven of witches welcome a dark and mysterious stranger into their parlor, and his presence turns a quaint meeting of staring blankly at the wall into an Eyes Wide Shut-inspired party involving female nudity, creepy masks, and chunks of meat. Still, it’s not nearly as shocking as when frontman Papa Emeritus II decides to flash the whole world his, um, church bells. Scar yourself for life by clicking play below.

In related news, Ghost B.C has pushed back the release of their “sophomore psalm”, Infestissumam, one week to April 16th via Loma Vista Recordings.