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Danny Brown disses MTV’s “Hottest MC” list with new track “#HottestMC”

on March 06, 2013, 10:02am

danny brown smile e1355770364853 Danny Brown disses MTVs Hottest MC list with new track #HottestMC

Like Kanye West, Detroit rapper Danny Brown has some issues with MTV’s annual “Hottest MC” countdown. However, rather than call in to a radio station, Brown vents his frustrations in a one-off track entitled, “#HottestMC”. With producer Harry Fraud delivering a beat of a sauntering guitar, Brown asserts himself as the “Greatest Rapper Ever”, viciously assaulting inferior MCs without a hint of his otherwise goofy disposition (“Your rhymes are cheap/You release your poor product/You’re a servant in my world/No rap gods curse you/When judgment day’s upon you/Reality’s a virtue”). Oh man, is he gonna have egg on his face if he makes the top 5 tomorrow.

Brown’s next album, the much-anticipated Old, is due out sometime this year.