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Video: Wires.Under.Tension. – “Landscape Architecture” (CoS Premiere)

on February 20, 2013, 8:00am

wut archicticeturevid main  Video: Wires.Under.Tension.   Landscape Architecture (CoS Premiere)

Bronx instrumental duo Wires.Under.Tension. approach making music in an especially cerebral fashion (member Christopher Tignor does have a PhD in Music Composition from Princeton, after all). That’s to say, while their songs strike at an emotional core, there’s a veritable wealth of cultural subtext involved, like the allusions to Conlon Nancarrow and Philip K. Dick in songs like “The Light Behind Your Light Is Changing”.

That dynamic of heart-meets-brain is amped up all the way to 12 in the video for “Landscape Architecture”, the latest single off last year’s Replicant. Since we don’t have the advanced degree to adequately explain the synopsis of this utterly surreal hand-drawn clip, we’ll leave it to director St. John Mckay Smith to contextualize:

“The video’s about Buddha saving Kurt Cobain from committing suicide, they fall in love, but Kurt ends up overdosing from grief after running over a cow. In the end, Buddha, with the son he had of Kurt’s, throws the horns of the cow into the sky, which creates the NirvanaDome.”

Even if that’s over most of our heads, the crude-but-visceral art, like the fevered drawings of a 4th grader possessed by some demon, is visually jarring enough to be almost pleasurable. Watch it below; and don’t feel bad if you need Google open the whole time for research purposes.

Replicant is out now via Western Vinyl.