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Tanlines create MS Paint-inspired interactive video for “Not The Same”

on February 18, 2013, 3:30pm

 Tanlines create MS Paint inspired interactive video for Not The Same

Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm of Tanlines have cloned themselves once again, only this time they’ve transcoded their human DNA to computer language and shrunk themselves down to the size of a kilobyte for their new, interactive video remix for “Not The Same”.

Thanks to a collaboration with OKFocus and the Creator’s Project, the video features Cohen and Emm as video cutouts of themselves taken from the official video to “Not The Same”. With this interactive experience, you can add or substract instruments using the toolbar in the upper left, and you can change the background of the video cut-outs in the upper right panel. The backgrounds include random GIFS from the GIF chatroom, photos taken from the Instagram hashtag #notthesame, live video of the Williamsburg Bridge, and more. It’s like curating your very own synth-pop video in MS Paint that’s alternately chintzy and very technologically advanced.

Experience the video here.

Tanlines are no strangers to interactive, choose-your-own-adventure video experiences. Last year, they released a video shot with a 360-degree iPhone lens for their song “Brothers”.