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Future – F.B.G.:The Movie Mixtape

on February 11, 2013, 12:01am

The lyrics sheet of Future’F.B.G.: The Movie mixtape reads like an exposé of America’s drug-fueled underbelly. Written by Atlanta’s Future and his Free Bandz collective with support from New Orleans’ Lil Wayne and St. Louis’ Stuey Rock, the mixtape professes the love of a lavish lifestyle at the cost of morality, life, family, and freedom. No matter how violent the imagery, the tracks nor their writer’s aim to shock — merely recounting stories of their own timelines.

“Missing” reveals the brutal reality of unpaid debts: “A half a gram of molly knock your man off / A whole brick of boy they knock your fam off.” As the slowed up, chopped-and-screwed “Karate Chop” further demonstrates, the label’s vast collection of exotic cars wasn’t purchased solely on their A1 credit-rating (since when is it appropriate to hype one’s credit score?) but by slinging cocaine, heroin, and whatever else may result in fast cash.

These harsh lessons, and the gritty vocal delivery of Future, are balanced by the croons of Young Scooter (“Everything Ours”,”Appeal”), Rocko’s cascading verses (“You Wonder”, “Chosen One”), and the womanizing collaboration “Bitches Love Me” featuring Lil Wayne and Drake. For those that question Drake’s authenticity as a lyricist, he kills the issue on “Fo Real”: “Even though I used to act / This shit is not an act nigga / I have never lied on a track / On they facts nigga.”

For F.B.G.: The Movie, an overproduced conclusion and a lack of editing scar the overall work. Repetitive beat patterns and vocal interplay techniques, combined with closing track “See It To Believe It” (feat. Sisqo and Test), dispel the deeply engrained rage that pulses so heavily though the beginning portions of the mixtape. Excess is celebrated by the crew, but someone should have capped this early.  

Essential Tracks: “Missing”, “Bitches Love Me”