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Snoop Dogg & Tha Dogg Pound – That’s My Work Vol. 1 Mixtape

on January 16, 2013, 12:00am

Thanks to a near-constant hustle, Snoop Dogg has developed himself into a brand that stretches far outside the West Coast hip-hop game. The rapper has endorsed everything from 40s to anti-virus software, including his own strand of marijuana dubbed the Executive Branch, but even as his lifestyle has shifted from the dog house to the penthouse, the Long Beach-native remains determined to enrich the lives of the nation’s underprivileged. For those with a proficiency in developing rhymes about hazy SoCal evenings, dank strains of chronic, and females with generous assets, Snoop has develop GG Worldwide and its initial That’s My Work mixtape.

Joined by the extended D.P.G.C family (specifically Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, and Soopafly), the album’s 20 tracks find the collective in a much more relaxed mindset than their groundbreaking Death Row releases. While ”We Gonna Do It Again” and the “Mr. Big Stuff”-sampling “Executive Branch” arrive silkier than the featured spread in King, the rage of bygone gangster days reemerges on tracks like the chopped-and-screwed “Fuc Yo Crew”, ”Why They Call You Bitch”, and the hypnotic bottom-end of Dillinger’s “Goin Gorilla”. The melodic duet of “The Hood” is a candid recollection of both the simple joys and violent realities of life in hoods across the States.

Although dominated by a laidback West Coast rap aesthetic, ”Take a Hike” by the 9inch Dix is indicative of a crew prime to experiment with the ongoing mix of club-culture and hip-hop. This pairing of old-school beatmakers with bombastic newcomers is a symbiotic union for the evolution of hip-hop; challenging the competitive nature of the elders and strengthening the musical foundation of the youngsters.

Essential Tracks: “The Hood”, “Goin Gorilla”, and “Executive Branch”