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Video: Gifts from Enola – “Steady Diet” (CoS Premiere)

on October 24, 2012, 9:00am

What: The music of Virginia post-rock outfit Gifts from Enola isn’t always what it appears to be, referencing equal parts post-rock bliss and hardcore dissonance in perpetually new and intriguing configurations. That notion of unpredictability shapes the music video for their single “Steady Diet”. In the black and white clip, a seemingly innocent bum wanders the streets, desperate for human contact, while the band plays a deserted house. When the viewer discovers his darker obsession alongside the band, its emotional impact is equal to the band’s monstrous riffs.

The band’s fourth album, A Healthy Fear, hits stores on November 13th via The Mylene Sheath.

Directed by: Alex Kent and Wade Vanover (of Lurid Pictures)