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In This Moment – Blood

on September 04, 2012, 7:56am
Los Angeles-based metal band In This Moment sound like the girls from Kittie decided to lighten up a little — but only a little. Think Evanescence if they lost all loves of their lives at once, wrote an album, and singer Amy Lee learned to scream like Refused’s Dennis Lyxzen. That’s the Into This Moment sound: sludgy guitar, bombastic drums, and throat-hemorrhaging screams from lead singer Maria Brink. Their newest album is called simply Blood, and it’s bubbling with the trite sounds of heavy metal c. 2002.
Maria Brink’s fiery voice and Suicide Girl good looks add a kitsch factor that could draw listeners in live, but it’s not enough to compensate for the juvenile lyrics. The title track begins with a list of all the things Brink hates about you, or her ex, or whoever: “I hate you for the sacrifices you made for me/ I hate you for every time you bled for me/ I hate you for the way you smile when you look at me.” She then follows that with a list of all the things she loves, which includes how you violated her, gave up on her, and lied to her, because, as the chorus says, she’s a “dirty, dirty girl.” The high school metal fans are pumping their fists and punching their pillows and hating their fathers already. She revisits these themes on the quaintly titled “Whore”, where she yells in the chorus: “I can be your whore/ I am the dirt you created/ I am your sinner/ I am your whore/ But let me tell you baby/ You love me for everything you hate me for.”

The music on Blood is gushing with all the DNA of an early 2000s mainstream metal album. The guitars are iron-heavy and low ended, the drums peppered with double bass, and there are veins of Nine Inch Nails electronic synths throughout. But it’s nothing close to awe-inspiring or even exciting compared to everything else that has come out in the last ten years.
In This Moment has built a strong following recently, but anyone looking for a new metal band should look elsewhere. There are other bands that do this style better and with more force. Brink’s outrageous and revealing outfits don’t come through the speakers, only her sad journal entries. And that isn’t enough.
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