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Most Impromptu Band Break Ups

on July 03, 2012, 1:32am
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breakups feat e1341267801392 Most Impromptu Band Break Ups

Break ups are hard. They’re even more traumatizing when they’re so sudden. It only leads one to keep asking, “What went wrong? Weren’t things going great? How did this happen?” Some revel in those moments, believing it builds character, while others — most, actually — just think the whole thing’s quite bitter and depressing.

With Christopher Owens’ announcement that he’s leaving Girls, despite the band’s recent (and incredibly young) success, we all sort of felt lightheaded with déjà vu. Haven’t we been here before? How many other countless acts have called it quits in the pinnacle of their success? How many have thrown up the stop sign when everyone else was speeding around at 88 mph? The short answer: Too many.

The longer, more intriguing answer? That awaits you.

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