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Video: Portugal. The Man – “All Your Light (Times Like These)”

on April 23, 2012, 4:31pm

portthemanrzalightvid main Video: Portugal. The Man   All Your Light (Times Like These)

All is not well for one young trailer park resident in Portugal. The Mans music video for ”All Your Light (Times Like These)”. After her brother brings home a severed head in a plastic bag, a reckless young lass attempts to ignore bloody noses and puss-filled stigmatas by dancing in empty pools and stealing money from corpses. But all the soft-shell crabs in the world can’t save her from her not-so-surprise end (she’s totes the monster who decapitated the head in the beginning!), but on the upside, she’s no longer projectile vomiting so readily. Watch the unfortunately-RZA-less video below.

Portugal. The Man’s latest album, In the Mountain, In the Cloud, is out now via Atlantic.