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Matador Records launches “Singles Going Home Alone” subscription series

on December 15, 2011, 3:42pm

sghalogo 1 Matador Records launches Singles Going Home Alone subscription series

Starting in the New Year, Matador Records will be releasing rare, exclusive tracks from a number of their artists through their new 7″ subscription series, “Singles Going Home Alone.”

Available January 17th, the first 7″ is a split single featuring the unlikely duo of Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks and 80’s glam-metal godfathers L.A. Guns. On the single, Malkmus and his band cover L.A. Guns’ 1989 track “Wheels of Fire” and The Guns take on “Gorgeous George” off Malkmus’ Mirror Traffic, which dropped earlier this year.

It has been well-documented that Malkmus nearly named that album L.A. Guns, so this seemingly improbably collaboration might not be as unfounded as you might think. Label head Gererd Cosloy said today in a post on Matador’s blog, “We’ve waited nearly 23 years to tell the world L.A. Guns are Matador Recording Artists, and finally we can say it at parties without lying.”

The second 7″ is out March 20th and features lo-fi hardcore upstarts OBN III’s. The third, available May 22nd, promises Brooklyn hard-rock crew The Men. In all, the series will offer six singles over the course of 2012.

The subscription price ranges from $45 to $70 depending on where you live in the world. In addition to the singles, membership will earn you a “a special secret bonus item, a tote bag and 10% off all year long on the Matador Store.” Click here for more details.