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The Internet – Purple Naked Ladies

on December 20, 2011, 8:00am

Mostly by their own design, it’s almost impossible to separate any single member or side project from the larger Odd Future picture (well, with the exception of Frank Ocean). This makes it hard to look at The Internet (OFWGKTA’s Syd Tha Kyd and Matt Martians) objectively without pulling their cohorts’ releases and reputations into the mix. While it strays from what they’re known for (electronic pseudo-soul as opposed to hip-hop), it’s just not very exciting.

This is where the OFWGKTA association actually plays against them. The Internet’s debut record, Purple Naked Ladies, lacks the attitude that usually packs the collective’s other releases. Tracks with such provocative titles as “She dgaf” (an acronym for “don’t give a fuck”) and “C*nt” lack follow-through, feeling like punches with zero weight behind them.

It doesn’t help that the production sounds so generic, either. Syd handles primary vocal duties with various guests picking up healthy shares, singing over myriad electronic bleeps, blurts, and other disaffecting digital effects. What’s worse, the grooves fail to move you and the hooks don’t grab. Sure, it sounds like soul music, but where’s the soul?

Out of the lot, “Cocaine” stands out, featuring a verse from Left Brain that adds some helpful heft right in the song’s gut; The Internet might have done well to utilize rhymes from more of their colleagues.

When you boil it down, Purple Naked Ladies‘ biggest fault is that it’s generic. There’s little flavor and hardly any spice. Love or hate Odd Future, they’re usually good at stirring you toward one extreme or the other. The Internet misses in that regard, feeling so noncommital and bland that you have to wonder how hard they’re really trying with this one. Shock me, impress me, offend me if you must, but please just try to make me feel something about the music.

Essential Songs: “Cocaine”