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Video: CANT – “Too Late, Too Far”

on November 28, 2011, 9:35am

cant too late too far youtube Video: CANT   Too Late, Too Far

In the aftermath of Thanskgiving, people all over the U.S. re-celebrated with leftovers. Some might have enjoyed turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce on a roll, while others undoubtedly flung gravy, stuffing, and turkey together into a gelatinous mush. And just like those blended bits of culinary delight, CANT (Grizzly Bear frontman Chris Taylor) utilizes blended imagery in his music video for “Too Late, Too Far”. Featuring a man burying something in the woods, a giant mop monster, avant-garde dance scenes, and Taylor in full black and white cookie makeup, it might actually be less absurd and bizarre than this year’s festivities. Watch it below.

CANT’s debut album, Dreams Come True, is out now.