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Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/23)

on September 23, 2011, 2:52pm
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mp3s 4 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/23)

Just look around you: Fall is in full swing. The “Big Four” festivals have concluded, the leaves are starting to turn, and I’d be willing to bet that you’re having some irrepressible urge to dust off your old Joy Division t-shirts and vinyls and take ’em for a spin along with your sexiest cardigans. And though the colors and moods are changing, and festival season isn’t going to be quite as active as it was this past summer, the music doesn’t stop. It never stops. And that should really depress me; it means work. But it doesn’t. In fact, it does the opposite. As we get ready to hunker down for the chillier seasons, one of the only things to look forward to is sitting inside listening to the latest and greatest in music. So, please, let this week’s installment of the “Top 10” be a positive one, fraught with hope for the future, bone-chilling as that future may be.

Winston Robbins

Senior Staff Writer 

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