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Butcher the Bar – "Alpha Street West"

on September 30, 2011, 2:45pm

The concept of an artist singing while random events happen to him or her isn’t anything new. There are quite a few music videos where the singer is just abused by objects. Butcher the Bar takes it to the scientific level though. As Joel Nicholson mimes along to “Alpha Street West”, the center of gravity shifts around him, orbiting around the room several times. The result is a deluge of items flying from one end to the other, frequently landing on his face. Water, feathers, plants, and paint all get loose, making for a very messy dude by the end.

Butcher the Bar’s latest album, For Each A Future Tethered, is now available.

Directed by: Rob Jury
Produced by: Liam Collinwood and David Mahmoudieh
Director of Photography: Mikolaj Jaroszewicz
Grips: Rob Webster and Emilio Schlappi
Art Department: Amy Elle Cartwright
Carpenter/ Engineer: Ally Lord
Grade and VFX: Liam Collinwood
Production Assistants: Terry Tsang, Chris Dewey, and Chema Gomez