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Top 10 Mp3s of the Week (8/19)

on August 19, 2011, 2:06pm
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mp3s 4 Top 10 Mp3s of the Week (8/19)

So, we’ll be perfectly forthright with you: It’s a straight cut down the middle this week of tracks eligible for download and tracks only available for stream. In the early days of this feature, we took the advice of the readers and made sure that most of our mp3s were downloadable. But some weeks we’re faced with the insurmountable question, “Do we give them ‘meh’ tracks they can download? Or great tracks they can stream?” It’s a bonus when we can get you a quality download and not even have to worry about any of this, but the latter option is obviously necessary at times. For instance, if we were to go this week without mentioning Feist, we’d be doing everyone that reads a disservice. Same goes for the rest of the streams. It’s a quality over quantity issue, when viewed in the right light, and this week we went with quality, because there was plenty of it. But that in no way means we’ve completely forgotten the valued opinions of our readers. Bear with a couple great streams, and we’ll keep cranking out the good tunes as fast our combined twenty fingers can muster. -Winston Robbins

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