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Mount Kimbie – Carbonated EP

on July 01, 2011, 7:58am

2011 has witnessed an insurgence in the developing genre known loosely as post-dubstep. Many have accredited the trend to one James Blake, an enthusiastic young producer whose debut full-length cultivated cold, mechanical beats, lush vocal harmonies and uplifting soul. And though Blake deserves praise apropos to his involvement in the scene, he cannot take all the credit, nor does he.

The U.K. dubstep movement has been steadily moving towards this direction since Burial released his eponymous debut in 2006, or even when El-B first started spinning. Many artists have added their own contributions – Pariah, Joy Orbison, Deadboy, Girl Unit – and before Blake’s celebrated debut, he himself was sampling R&B tunes and combining 2-step, garage and dubstep into one glorious fusion (see “CMYK.”) While his inauguration into indie prestige was taking place, his colleagues and neighbours Dominic Maker and Kai Campos released their own declaration of what they felt was postdub, with a well produced and enjoyable LP, Crooks And Lovers, their first under the moniker Mount Kimbie.

A year later, Crooks And Lovers is still as relevant to the ever-evolving post-dubstep scene. With tracks as immediate as “Mayer” and “Carbonated”, it was a palpable decision for the two to release a brief EP between records, a preview of the duo’s capability as dubstep producers. Carbonated EP offers very little “new” music, including two contrasting remixes of the title trak, a reinterpretation of “Adriatic”, and two previously unheard songs. The songs are all fairly chill; instrumental lounge-like tempos joined with crisp beats and unrecognizable samples. There is also the fair bit of the ambient gene present, following in the pensive and sometimes lethargic mannerisms of C&L.

The themes Mount Kimbie explore here are a continuation from they started, another contribution to the unstable post-dubstep trend, another combination of the electronic/downtempo/garage/ambient/bass genres, another notch on the old indie music belt. It’s a pleasure to watch a genre change and evolve as this one, and a pleasure to watch dudes as experimental and committed to the scene as Mount Kimbie.