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Top 10 mp3s of the Week (6/24)

on June 24, 2011, 12:15pm
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mp3s 4 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (6/24)

Week three of the program, and we’re glad you keep comin’ back. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions as we continue to tweak this new feature. One new incentive: You can now download the mp3 of a song (that is, if it’s available), so you can add these newly minted tracks to your virtual music shelves. Outside of that, every song in this week’s entry is serving aces like Federer. From Bonnie Raitt covers, to dub-lounge jams, to a nine-and-a-half minute pop-psych journey, here’s what’s floated our boats through the chop of this week. It’s summer, so turn it up.

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