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T.O.B. Movement – “Gurlz”

on May 25, 2011, 3:00pm

A Cluster 1 Premiere!

Ah, Bollywood. A cultural movement that has produced some excellent films, it’s also known for some laughably bad imitations of American films and videos. In Mark Saab’s humorous video for “Gurlz.” As T.O.B. Movement‘s track plays along, the feature shows a Bollywood imitation of Rick James, called “Rich James,” supposedly filmed in the early 80s when his career launched. The hilarious display features all the typical movements of the late superstar. There’s cocaine, some attempts at dancing, and lots of random humping. If that’s not worth a watch, we don’t know what is.

T.O.B. Movement will be releasing an EP, titled The Woods, on May 30th.

Directed by: Mark Saab