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Collection Petites Planètes • Volume 1 • TOM ZÉ

on May 19, 2011, 11:15am

Last time we had Vincent Moon on Cluster 1, it was for his Take Away Show series, which showcased a variety of musicians from around the world. Now, the director has moved on to a similar, but more eclectic project.

“My label Petites Planetes, born this year, is made of portraits of my favourite musicians around the world, mostly in non-english speaking countries. The goal behind Petites Planetes, amongst others, is to develop another idea of what has been categorized ‘world music’ for many years, by exploring on the spots lifes and cultures, from traditionnal music, to experimental and popular sounds. Showing those cultures to themselves, and not only for another type of western viewer, organizing filmings as many little local and social events involving the local people, while at the same time experimenting the relationships between music and cinema.”

First up is the mournful, intense singing of Tom Zé, from San Paulo. There’s no dialogue, just music and silence in between notes.

Directed by: Vincent Moon
Mix by: Quincas Moreira
Produced by: Vincent Moon & Tom Zé