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Jim Morrison returns from the grave in new rare recording…

on February 16, 2011, 4:50pm

It’s not every day you hear Jim Morrison — well, anything new, that is. Not since Perry Farrell’s ultimately forgettable Satellite Party effort have we heard any new recordings from the late bard. Fortunately for fans of The Doors, and Morrison in general, a new recording has surfaced.

Titled “Path to Zero”, the new poem has Morrison recanting tales of Native Americans in Los Alamos, New Mexico. It’s familiar territory, but composer Jonathan Elias attempts to give it new life by working it into one of his new modern compositions. Admittedly, it comes off as a tad cheesy; in some respects, it feels like the soundtrack to an IMAX 3-D documentary, and what’s worse, Morrison’s signature whiskey tone doesn’t necessarily fit. Much like Farrell’s use of “Woman in the Window”, it’s sort of a waste of a recording. Couldn’t they have called Ray Manzarek or Robbie Krieger?

If you want to check it out, Rolling Stone has a stream to check out. If you need it for collecting purposes, or you’re feeling charitable (one would hope), it’ll be included on Prayer Circle 2, which benefits the anti-nuclear organization Ground Zero. Other guests include Sting, Sinead O’Connor, and Robert Downey, Jr., and hits stores May 10th.

Until then, don’t hold your breath for a follow up to An American Prayer.