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Festival Preview: Sundance Film Festival

on January 21, 2011, 12:04am
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sundancethumb Festival Preview: Sundance Film FestivalWe’re gonna go ahead and assume that you won’t be heading to Park City, Utah next week to attend the infamous annual Sundance Film Festival. Not because you’re uncultured, simply because it’s a week and a half long, it’s sort of in the middle of nowhere, and the majority of you are not in the film industry. Fortunate for you, we sort of have the inside scoop.

Every year, from biopics to documentaries to films created by musicians, there is a thriving musical presence at Sundance Film Festival. Last year was dominated by Animal Collective and a pretty lackluster biopic about the teenage life of John Lennon. This year’s schedule is all over the map. From a video-game themed short by an up and coming hip-hop crew, to a full-fledged tribute to the singer-songwriters of the early 1970’s, there is much to be seen (and heard) at this year’s festival.

On top of the musically-compliant films debuting at this year’s installment, there will also be the annual ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) Music Café, which plays host to a number of musical guests as the week progresses. Among the highlights slated to play this year are Josh Ritter, Machester Orchestra, K’naan, The Low Anthem, Guster, and St. Vincent.

Staff Writer Winston Robbins is based in Salt Lake City, and will be attending portions of the festival that you’ll be most interested in (that is to say, the musically-inclined portions). Furthermore, we’ve put together a play by play list of what’s going to be big (musically) at this year’s festival. What was last year’s ODDSAC, this year might very well belong to a Beastie Boys spoof/re-imagination.

Whatever the case, rest assured CoS will be there. The festival kicked off yesterday – Thursday, the 20th, that is – and runs through the 29th of this month. Tickets are available here.

Feature photo courtesy of NYCDA Blog.

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