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Robert Smith, Steven Severin say second Glove album possible

on November 05, 2010, 12:50pm

Here’s a little rock history for you. In the early 80s, The Cure was a bit on the fritz. Robert Smith ended up playing guitar in bassist Steven Severin’s group Siouxsie & The Banshees. Then that got all fritzy and the two musicians formed The Glove for a one-off album. Since Smith was contractually barred from singing for any non-Cure group, they tapped Jeanette Landray to provide the vocals (though a 2006 reissue of the album featured demos sung by Smith). Blue Sunshine was and is the band’s only album.

At least that’s how it stands for now. Severin is off doing live soundtracks to 1930s art films, and Smith is surprising us with unexpected collaborations. In a recent interview with the UK’s Left Lion (via Slicing Up Eyeballs), however, Severin reveals the possibility of a new The Glove record is very real.

We’ve talked about it and Robert says, “It’s just a matter of time.” Making space for it means effectively shutting down The Cure for 6 to 9 months. That’s a huge machine with many people depending on it for their livelihoods, so timing is key. One day, I hope.”

It seems the only thing that’s really stonewalling this collaboration is Smith’s commitment with The Cure. That might mean The Glove will have to be on hold for a while, as 2011 looks to be pretty Cure-heavy. Having said that, if and/or when it does happen, there’s a chance Smith could do the vocals himself; The Cure’s 2001 split from longtime label Fiction leaves that door open. CoS is here to let you know when more information comes out, though as is the case with a lot of these types of reunions, be wary of holding your breath too long. We’ll get back to you.