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Watch: The xx drop “Crystalised” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

on October 12, 2010, 7:41am

Though it looks more like the setting for a WWE Pay-Per-View event or possibly a set from the Emilio Estevez classic Judgment Night, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage was actually the site for the The xx‘s faithful performance of “Crystalised” last night. I knew the band looked really British from pictures, but nothing compares to the real thing. If they ever need to make a docudrama on the life of the xx, my casting suggestions of the dude that plays Alby on Big Love for singer Oliver Sim and Kelly Osborne for singer Romey Madley Croft. Oh, and a MacBook Pro for DJ Jamie Smith.

Anyhow, The xx just won the Mercury prize and have got to be near finished with supporting the fantastic debut, xx. But the songs don’t seem to grow stale, so here’s to another trip around the states! Enjoy the clip.