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Juno hands out first round of awards

on April 18, 2010, 8:45pm

Long before Juno was best known as a pregnant high schooler that you weren’t sure if it was appropriate to find attractive (what?), Canadian musicians coveted the award of the same name. Beginning as a readers poll, the award now features a full ceremony and two days of awards celebrating 39 achievements. The big ones are being announced Sunday night (Album of the Year, Record of the Year), but of the 32 announced Saturday, the notables could either indicate that the Junos share the same sort of mundanity that plagues the GRAMMYS or that our favorite northern neighbors are a little more in touch than the grey-beards that pick music’s finest in the U.S. It really just depends on what you like.

Metric took home Alternative Album of the Year for Fantasies, with Emily Haines giving a Broken Social Scene-shoutout laced speech that could lead one to believe she is watching too much Lost. “People really support each other here,” Haines noted (via Spinner), “they want their friends to succeed. There was something Kevin [Drew, from Broken Social Scene] said to me a little while ago. We were hanging out with Torq [Campbell, from Stars] one night, and Kev said: ‘our only responsibility is to all succeed so we can all still be there at the end.” I hope Desmond is there in the end, too.

Kings Of Leon won the prize for International Album Of The Year Award for Only by the Night, a record that seems like it’s been out since the 90s, Deadmau5‘s For Lack of a Better Name took home Dance Recording of the Year a night after headlining the Sahara at Coachella, Bell Orchestre won an award for Best Instrumental Album (As Seen Through the Windows) and K’naan won the prestigious yet vague sounding Artist of the Year. Get the full rundown of all the winners you’ve never heard of here and stay tuned for an update of Sunday night’s festivities.

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