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Hoppus and Wentz take a trip to Wonderland

on January 08, 2010, 1:45pm

Contrary to the ill will of any who have outgrown Blink-182 or Fall Out Boy, two things can be said in a positive light: Blink bassist Mark Hoppus has a lot of pop-punk experience under his belt, and Wentz has a knack for vocabulary in his lyrics. Now, the two different (but not that different) schools in their genre have combined forces for a track on the upcoming soundtrack to Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, which is due in theaters this March.

Of the currently untitled piece, Wentz gave the following statement to MTV (Kerrang!):

“The track sounds nothing like Blink or Fall Out Boy,” Wentz told MTV. “Mark understands songwriting on a completely different level. It’s awesome to have a chance to sit in a room with him and watch him work out a melody.”

While I can give kudos to Wentz’s humbling respect and fandom toward Hoppus, and in some small way am curious as to the end result of such a partnership, the modicum of anticipation is doused in the news that All Time Low will also contribute music to the soundtrack. Bright side? We can safely assume that Alice In Wonderland itself–also featuring Burton favorites like Johnny Depp, Bonham Carter, and composer Danny Elfman–will carry enough acid-laced imagery to lick any current malaise away.

Bring it on, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum! (Yes, we are not above lame AiW jokes here.)