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Julian Lennon and partners start music services company

on December 02, 2009, 9:05am

That Julian Lennon sure is a great guy. First, he decides to complete some of his father’s songs. And now, according to LiveDaily.com, he’s making the music industry a better place for musicians with his new music services company theRevolution. He’s working hard to become our second favorite Lennon (Watch out, Sean!)

The company’s aim is to “turn the music business into the musician’s business.” As a result, the organization will offer artists an one-stop shop for everything, from tour and event logistics to publishing and licensing to various design elements and much more. The company, which will operate as a subsidiary of the Artists Alliance, is also being run by Michael Birch and Todd Meagher. Birch is best known as the founder of social networking site Bebo and Meagher is the CEO of MyStore.com.

But in terms of news that you can use, the company will be releasing its first single by Lennon entitled “Lucy”. The song, which is on a four track EP of the same name, was written by Lennon and James Scott Cook and will be available as both a studio version and an acoustic version. A portion of the song’s proceeds will be donated to the St. Thomas’ Lupus Trust and the Lupus Foundation of America. Lennon’s friend Lucy Vooden and her grandmother suffered from Lupus. Not to mention, the youngest Vooden was John Lennon’s inspiration for “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”. In fact, the EP will feature a fold-out copy of Julian Lennon’s childhood watercolor drawing of Vooden that John Lennon used for the song.

And while the song will undoubtedly help others across the globe, Lennon said that the process of writing “Lucy” also helped him deal with his issues as being the son of one music’s greatest heroes.

“I had to be very much at a certain point in my life to be able to accept this and feel it was right to do it now,” Lennon told Spinner. “As many out there know, for a long time I wouldn’t say that I shunned dad or the Beatles, but I certainly side-stepped them and wanted to carve my own path, so to speak. “I think it was coming to terms with a lot of issues I felt I needed to deal with. I went through quite a few issues with dad.”

The EP will also feature a Cook song called “Sober” and Lennon’s “Beautiful”, which will also be on Lennon’s sixth studio album Everything Changes.  You can sample the EP’s songs on Lennon’s MySpace or buy the full versions for a whopping $6.87 and see each of your red pennies go to charity.

Lucy is available December 15th. Everything Changes is scheduled for a released in early 2010.