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Brendan Benson talks “Jack White and his band”

on December 16, 2009, 12:00pm

“You know, of course, Jack was the most publicized thing about The Raconteurs. And I think, unfortunately, he sort of eclipsed the other guys in the band. And that’s not him personally. I think the press did that. The press sort of said, ‘Jack White and company’ or ‘Jack White and his band,’ rarely mentioning the other people who had a huge, major part in the music. I’m really proud of my contributions to that band. And it’s just a little sad to not be acknowledged for that.”

Brendan Benson on his experiences as a member of The Raconteurs, which, at least from a musical perspective, did prove to be quite successful. So did his recently released solo release. (via Nashville Scene & TFB).