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Coldplay + Mew + a-ha members = Apparatjik

on November 24, 2009, 9:05am

A little while back, Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman, Mew frontman Jonas Bjerre, and a-ha guitarist/keyboardist Magne Furuholmen got together and recorded under the monkier Apparatjik. However, as of today, only one track, titled “Ferreting”, has officially been released — it was one of the 20 tracks making up the soundtrack for the BBC documentary Bruce Parry Presents Amazon Tribe released in October of 2008.

But as the always diligent TwentyFourBit reports, many more Apparatjik songs could soon become available. The band now appears to be gearing up for the release of its debut full-length, today sending a free sample download of the first single, “Electric Eye” (preview here), ahead of its November 30th release date.

Beyond that, we’re a little lost for details, as evident by the fact that Apparatjik has yet to even identify who is handling lead vocals. Until more info does surface, you can also check out the band’s website for more previews, most of which are instrumental efforts.

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