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Angelspit and KMFDM bring the noise to Cat’s Cradle (10/26)

on October 28, 2009, 5:01pm

As of late, this writer has tread the depths of freakdom via ICP at Amos’ SouthEnd and Revolting Cocks at Tremont Music Hall. This October has greeted Charlotte, North Carolina with quite the hellish grin of industrial and nu-metal grandeur — so this time, Chapel Hill gets a turn at the table but winds up left slightly wanting. One thing to be said about college cities like Chapel Hill, where the illustrious banners of Tar Heel blue coat campus street signs everywhere, is that they are chock full of all types of cultural background via future alumni. The bros and the goths and the studious hipsters were abound, and October 26th was an evening for the animals in us all to be released.

The staff was courteous, the smokers had a patio, and the drinks were reasonably priced, but what happened at Cat’s Cradle that evening was sliced down the middle and gutted like a fish with rather unexpected results good and bad.


To open for our dearest KMFDM was this Sydney, Australia duo known by Angelspit. I have never personally been to a rave or a techno party, but from everything I was told the music synced up perfectly while the crowd seemed absolutely stone-faced except for intermittent obligatory applause between songs. I am not entirely sure where the audience’s collective mindset was sitting, but leave it to Angelspit to make the best of a bad situation.

angelspit Angelspit and KMFDM bring the noise to Cats Cradle (10/26)This band did manage to leave quite the impression, being extremely personable at the merchandise booth during KMFDM’s much lengthier set and quite frankly coming across as Broken-era NIN on hormone therapy and ready to take on society during their own. The stand out track all evening period was “100%”, as it was one of the few to have Cat’s Cradle’s dispersed crowd making an effort to join in. The supremely sexy front woman Destroyx captivated me from the get go as being an Alice 2.0 gone severely malfunctioned while retaining her erotic presence. Staple tracks like “Vena Cava” and “Fuck The Revolution” kept the duo on point while programmer/keyboardist ZooG constantly double-checked his electronic equipment, a vinyl mohawk wobbling all the while in true industrial fashion.

The audience might have been dead to the naked eye, but something tells me Angelspit was most clearly alive and kicking with wires exposed. They also did manage to shell out a very interesting line of merchandise despite a lackluster vocal crowd participation — Destroyx dressed in tight leather and dark Lolita garb sold her own personal brand of make-up like hotcakes, and the latest artwork from Hideous and Perfect grazed every t-shirt prominently. The UFO has landed folks, and it haunts our dreams under the guise of Angelspit, the true thunder from down under, lightning bolts and then some.

Shame the folks who saw them weren’t as enthused as I.


As featured on our site’s Top 11 Influential Minds of Industrial Metal, Sascha K and his ilk have come to celebrate “25 years of the ultra-heavy beat” with the Kein Mitleid 2009 World Tour. Supporting the release of latest fare Blitz, the Koneitzko-fronted KMFDM parades about our country armed with industrial metal of the “rave turned political rage” variety. College towns would normally be the perfect venue aside from European festivals and foreign stages galore to display the kind of carnage KMFDM exhibits — you would think the open minds were ripe for raping, but not so much here in the Old North State.

The crowd practically tripled in size come the entrance of Kein Mitleid’s much-anticipated headliner, and yet again we find a mass infection of “too cool to dance” goth undergrads who only managed to choke out some energy during a rather forced encore considering the notoriety of KMFDM. Apparently Chapel Hill is too hip to be metal; I don’t entirely get it, but whatever.

14 Angelspit and KMFDM bring the noise to Cats Cradle (10/26)

The show, from both talent and technical standpoints, was a supreme success. Sascha, also known as Kaptain K, seemed a bit stiff during the majority of the early set but I am told he wasn’t feeling very well and somehow he pushed himself enough to deliver mind-melting chants via “Adios”, “WWIII”, and the latest sampling “Potz Blitz!”. His vocal duties were heartily shared by implied vox dominatrix Lucia Cifarelli, who was clearly the biggest motivator of the crowd’s endearment with KMFDM’s performance overall. It is always awesome when even in the smallest of venues, the lead act of a German powerhouse like KMFDM is willing to slap a few hands in the audience before letting the rage take hold and belting out some half sexy/half hellish chords.

The industrial metal outfit had a kick ass drummer on point all evening, the guitars were monumentally quaking, and the set list tapped into “Megalomaniac”, “Light”, “Godlike” (during Encore 2), “D.I.Y.” and the always approachable name-dropper “Drug Against War”. For fans, it was a wet dream sans classic collaborator Tim Skold (we all miss you, man); for newcomers, someone bought CDs but I doubt they were impressed with their fellow spectator peers.

Another prime example of a welcomed and appreciated act in the industrial genre, another example of an act who did not get the crowd it fucking deserved — Chapel Hill, seriously, lighten up and quit thinking your “real music” is the only music. When the one guy trying to incite a half-decent mosh gets stared at like a pariah during a metal show, there’s something wrong.