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Weezer calls seventh LP Raditude

on August 18, 2009, 10:45am

If anyone could clue me in on what exactly is going on in the minds of Weezer these days, I’d be sincerely grateful. After unveiling some rather sub par new songs in concert last month (and that’s putting it nicely), Rivers Coumo and Co. actually redeemed themselves yesterday with the release of their forthcoming album’s first single, “If You Are Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)”.

Unfortunately, at least currently, redemption in Weezer’s world lasts only 24 hours. Today, the garage rockers brought a whole new meaning to their “I don’t give a fuck” attitude by unveiling the title of their aforementioned new album. It will be called Raditude and no, we’re not joking.


…MEANWHILE, the album that the new single is drawn from, Weezer’s 7th Album due out on October 27, DOES INDEED have a title, and the title is “Raditude”! “Raditude”?? WHAT is “Raditude”? WHO is “Raditude”? WHERE is “Raditude”? WHEN is “Raditude”? HOW is “Raditude”? DONDE ES “Raditude”? QUIERO “Raditude”? Là où “Raditude”? Pourquoi “Raditude”? Quand “Raditiude”? Quel “Raditude”? Waar “Raditude”? Waarom “Raditude”? Wanneer “Raditude”? Welke “Raditude”? Wo “Raditude”? Warum “Raditude”? Wenn “Raditude”? Welches “Raditude”? Dove “Raditude”? Perché “Raditude”? Quando “Raditude”? Quale “Raditude”? Raditude “Raditude”? ….”Raditude”?


Raditude hits stores on October 27th via Geffen. Get rad.