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The Germs talk future, includes new recordings and box set

on July 23, 2009, 5:00pm

Unlike Wax, The Germs are not scheduled to perform at the upcoming Riot Fest, at least not yet. But the Chicago based punk extravaganza did recently squeeze a few noteworthy items out of the legendary punk band.

Let us explain: Riot Fest has posted a feature article about the Los Angeles outfit and in it, drummer Don Bolles revealed the band’s plans to hit the studio for a recording session. This is a big deal because The Germs haven’t taken such action in three decades.

According to Bolles, the recordings will consist of both new and old material, the latter of which comes from the band’s desire to re-tackle the Germicide album and the final Germs studio session for the Cruising soundtrack. “We re-wrote some of those songs to make them be kind of how they were supposed to be back when no one could play,” Bolles notes.

In addition, the band also plans to record material from the Darby Crash Band, the outfit that Bolles and frontman Darby Crash formed following the breakup of The Germs — In case you were wondering, Bolles and Co. reformed in 2005 minus Crash who committed suicide in 1980. Shane West is currently fronting the band.

Anyhow, the result will be packaged with numerous live recordings in a new box set entitled Lest We Forget: The Sounds of The Germs. The band hopes to release the compilation sometime in 2010. And considering they are still touring, perhaps we’ll be getting some more dates in the near future as well.