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Julian Lennon to finish father’s work

on July 27, 2009, 8:15am

After an 11-year hiatus, Julian Lennon returns this fall with his long awaited sixth studio effort, Everything Changes, and what a return it’ll be. In addition to the record, the 46-year old songwriter and son to the late Beatles legend, will lay down music to his father’s unused lyrics for a song titled, “Tell Her Now”.

It’s a simple love song, with two verses and a chorus, and the lyrics lament over a mysterious love: “Little girl I’ve come to stay/And this time I just have to say, I love you/If she turns you down and you’re rejected/Try again the best you can/Call to see her when you’re least expected/Tell her now she’ll understand.” It’s anyone’s guess as to who the lovely lady could be (Cynthia, Yoko Ono, or a fan), but that’s what makes it all the more interesting.

Though without a publishing date, the song dates back to the ’60s, when John Lennon originally penned the lyrics. It became part of a private collection of unused material, which was kept secret until Julian inherited it shortly after his father’s death in December of 1980. Currently, these lyrics and other memorabilia are on display at the White Feather: The Spirit of Lennon exhibition at the Beatles Story Pier Head in Liverpool.

Everything Changes is still without a release date, though fans should keep a close eye on Julian’s MySpace for more news and updates.