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Eminem celebrates Proof’s memory, reunites with D12

on June 17, 2009, 8:25am

Yes, we all got a kick out of the kitschy “Purple Pills” ages ago both censored and uncut. We all got “My Band” stuck in our heads for a short while, and then came the news. Rapper Proof of the Shady Records outfit D12 was gunned down sparking close friend and fellow “bandmate” Eminem to hide from the public eye around 2006. This was presumably the end for D12, with Em insisting on his retirement while doped up on numerous medications.

Enter 2009, Slim Shady himself released the long-awaited Relapse and preps to release its follow-up in the coming months.  What does this spell out for D12’s remaining posse? According to NME, it spells “reunion”:

“Me and the guys, we got a bond, it’s special. As far as the future of D-12, we’re gonna be back in the studio soon.”

In anticipation, us who delighted in the dark gangsta bliss that was Devil’s Night will probably be doing many YouTube searches in the meantime. Sadly, Proof’s low growl a la DMX with lyrics like “No remorse, fuck ya stature dog/Nothin’ to do with hands when I clap at y’all” from Obie Trice’s “Rap Game” will probably feel us fans left slightly wanting but it is plain to see that Eminem and his crew intend to pay homage to their fallen brother and “go crazy again”. How will this pan out come winter after Eminem supposedly put out his next solo release? When will we see the return of D12 minus one? Only time will tell.