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Check Out: Billy Talent’s “Rusted from the Rain” & “Turn Your Back”

on May 27, 2009, 11:40am

It has long been said that music from Canada breeds a “love ’em or hate ’em” philosophy amongst listeners in the States. While we could sit here and bash the softening of Alanis Morrisette or the onslaught of Nickelback anthems, we’ll keep our focus on Billy Talent, instead. After all, the boys return this summer with their third album, aptly titled Billy Talent III.

Expected for a July 14th release, Billy Talent III promises some new tricks. For one, Brendan O’Brien, aka mega-producer-giving-Rick-Rubin-a-run-for-his-money-lately, is behind the controls, and what’s more, some guests play a role, too. One tune, “Turn Your Back”, features Anti-Flag’s own Chris #2 and Justin Sane, which add some a rather punkish vibe to the band’s typical post-hardcore sound. The demo hit the web last year and is currently being streamed on Billy Talent’s MySpace.

Last week, the band issued the album’s first official single, “Rusted From the Rain”, in addition to an accompanying music video. This song boasts another unique twist as the band delves into more modern rock territory a la Soundgarden. Aside from lead vocalist Ben Kowalewicz’s rather psychotic expressions during the video, there are no solid complaints.

Of course, you could always just listen below:

“Turn Your Back”

“Rusted From the Rain”