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Be Your Own Pet – Get Damaged [EP]

on June 19, 2008, 12:04pm

Now on their fifth EP, Nashville’s own punk rockers, Be Your Own Pet, have provided us with three more reasons why killing is funny and always more entertaining when over petty high school drama…as if!

Though quick and short, the newly released Get Damaged EP is full of everything BYOP is known for – sexy female rock vocals with aggressive pop punk. There is nothing really new, rather just consistency and fun, offering little to think about, instead, reminding me of my reckless days of basement shows and mosh pits. Perhaps its best quality is it allows the subject of killing to join teenage sex, drugs, drinking, and kicking ass in topics of discussion in the often explicit, but always entertaining band’s catalog of work.

The opener “Becky” infuses a classic surf-pop riff for the verses with what they do best: to fill in the chorus. The track tells a tale of teenage jealousy, and the revenge plots that consume the adolescent mind. In this case, having all to do with killing Becky for stealing the lead singers man. It is the usual mix of catchy and edgy that we have heard so much in this genre, but doesn’t go too overboard as to make the listener nauseous. The chorus really saves the song from that fate.

“Black Hole” is a return to BYOP’s formula, but I can’t help but be drawn to the vocals as they sing about the perfect cure for boredom. Why go out and party the usual way when you can off someone instead – I was always thought girls love spontaneity? Catchy and violent, “Black Hole” is another great pop-punk song that will be sure to get the kids pushing each other around until their bedtime.

The closer, “Blow Yr Mind” (for my grammar watchers in the audience, this was not misspelled) is a forty-four second fast passed raucous party anthem that is very reminiscent of the hardcore from the early 80’s. This is where I have to give credit to BYOP. Unlike most pop-punkers of today, they still manage to put out material that can be catchy, and yet ring with the sounds of what got this music started in the first place. As for the EP, it will be a fun addition for any fan of the band, but if you are tired of this style of music, it is definitely not for you.

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