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Comedy Central held a roast for Rob Lowe, but instead eviscerated Ann Coulter

on September 06, 2016, 1:15am

Comedy Central hosted its latest celebrity roast on Monday night, bringing together comedians Pete Davidson, David Spade, Nikki Glaser, and Jimmy Carr, former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, and Alaska’s alt-rock princess Jewel for a night of insults, mockery, and self-deprecation aimed at one Sam Seaborn, a.k.a. Rob Lowe. Or, at least that was the original intention. As the night went on, the most cutting and brutal quips fell like bricks on ultra-conservative pundit Anne Coulter, who for some reason was also in attendance, hawking her new book about Donald Trump.

What you’re about to see in a ruthless public flogging deserving of only a fear-mongering racist who has spread hate upon the world for almost two decades…

Pete Davidson:

Jimmy Carr:

Nikki Glaser:

Peyton Manning:


Rob Lowe:

When it finally came time for Coulter to roast back, she opted instead to promote her book and make jokes about David Spade being the only “spade” to vote for Trump, Peyton Manning’s support of Jeb Bush, and Pete Davidson being bi-racial, all of which fell completely flat.

By the end of the evening, it was clear to everyone — Coulter included — that she made one giant mistake in agreeing to attend.